Corporate Gifts

Why not wow prospective or valued clients, loyal customers and employees, or new business associates, with the kind of corporate catering, or corporate gift, they’ll really remember you for?

Corporate Orders

What better way to excite their imaginations, and their taste-buds, to really help grab their attention, than with a scrumptious slice of heaven-on-a-plate?

Through catering for businesses we give the gift of our delectable array of cheesecakes and cakes to the business world: the power of presenting something delicious can create a significant impact and give positive results, most importantly, it shows you mean business!

Whatever the purpose of your business event, treat your guests to a spectacular spread of desserts with the help of our catering delivery service. Or send the gift of one of our delicious cheesecakes or cakes using our corporate food delivery service, and you cannot fail to impress.

Gift Vouchers

What could possibly be better than the gift of one of our impossibly-tasty, marvellously mouth-watering cheesecakes or cakes? Hmm! Tricky! Perhaps the gift one of our gift vouchers has the edge. Let's face it the lucky recipient will be spoilt for choice, given the task of choosing from our tempting array of yummy cheesecakes and scrummy cakes. Gift vouchers are a great way to ensure your special someone/business associate/valued client/employee/potential new customer (whoever you're surprising) gets to enjoy THE sweet treat that will most float their boat.

When you buy a gift voucher we will send it to you in an email so you can either forward it on or print it and pass it on in person. No need to worry about making sure someone's available to receive a delivery, it couldn't be easier.