5/5 Really tasty cheesecake on 2020-03-10 at 16:37

   5/5 Oh yes I would it’s beautiful\nAnd I’m ordering next week again on 2020-02-29 at 13:53

   5/5 Again on 2020-02-19 at 09:23

   5/5 10/10 on 2020-02-15 at 22:19

   5/5 It was for a farewell for a colleague. Everyone loved the cake and everyone thinks they look amazing. This is the 2nd time I have ordered. \nA number of people have noted the company name and have said they would consider buying. on 2020-02-12 at 10:12

   5/5 Good on 2020-02-12 at 07:13

   5/5 The quality was fantastic. The cake was very delicious on 2020-02-11 at 14:32

   4/5 good on 2020-01-06 at 12:50

   3/5 Not arrive so can’t score. Unusually excellent on 2019-12-29 at 08:40

   4/5 Na. on 2019-12-27 at 07:08

   5/5 Absolutely delicious on 2019-12-23 at 05:20

   5/5 Amazing on 2019-12-08 at 20:29

   5/5 This one was popular. Gone in minutes. on 2019-11-03 at 19:52

   5/5 This one hasn't actually arrived yet on 2019-10-31 at 07:53

   5/5 Tastes great well worth the price. on 2019-10-10 at 18:41

   5/5 Family and friends quality of product was excellent on 2019-10-10 at 03:12

   5/5 great on 2019-09-10 at 17:38

   5/5 Delicious & recommended. on 2019-07-29 at 20:43

   5/5 Recommend to friends and family. Quality is amazing on 2019-07-08 at 17:02

   5/5 Lots of topping. Great texture and flavour on 2019-06-30 at 18:03

   5/5 Delicious on 2019-06-18 at 07:08

   5/5 Perfect on 2019-04-12 at 22:07

   5/5 Good on 2019-01-02 at 19:53

   5/5 Great experience - wonderful cake as per usual: the personalised cake was amazing for my flat mate's 21st! Would definitely recommend (it also does not contain nuts!!) on 2018-11-18 at 21:11

   5/5 Delicious! on 2018-11-15 at 15:53

   4/5 It had too many nuggets on top so when cutting I had lots of nuggets on my kitchen floor on 2018-11-12 at 16:42

   5/5 Delicious on 2018-09-19 at 18:18

   5/5 Cheesecake was a birthday treat and was beautifully made and extremely tasty! It was pre portioned as requested which made serving much easier. Defrosted in the fridge for 8 hours as instructed and it was perfectly fresh tasting. Would definitely recommend this to others. on 2018-09-17 at 13:27

   5/5 Great taste on 2018-04-16 at 18:14

   5/5 Very nice on 2017-10-29 at 11:35

   5/5 Perfect for special occasions. Absolutely delicious! on 2017-01-14 at 08:34



Free Standard Delivery: Tuesday to Friday as far as you like in advance.

Next Day: If you would like your cake delivered the next day, there is a charge of £5.00. Orders for next day deliveries must be placed before 12pm.

Click here to view our full range of delivery options.

We deliver anywhere in mainland UK by commercial courier. Delivery by other means or outside mainland UK may be possible by special arrangement but an additional delivery charge will be payable. If you require delivery outside mainland UK, we will discuss this with you when the order is placed.


Your cake will be delivered to you frozen and packed in a large polystyrene box with dry ice. Take your cake out of the polystyrene box and dispose of the dry ice carefully. Take your cake out of its cardboard box and remove any bubble-wrap

To defrost your cake, remove it from the box and remove all film, the cardboard collar and any other packaging from around the cake. Cakes must be defrosted in the fridge - do NOT defrost at room temperature.