29 Nov

Top 10 Bestsellers for November!

Here are our TOP 10 Bestselling Cheesecakes for the month of November! Starting at Number Ten and working up to Number One!

10) Eton Rocks! Cheesecake - Named by one of our facebook fans and as popular as ever. This 6" sized cheesecake is great if you want to try two different cheesecakes in one! Half Strawberry eton mess, half rocky road.


9) Christmas Mini Cheesecakes - A future contender for the Number 1 spot, they are already proving popular. Great for christmas celebrations! Twelve individual mini cheesecakes each with a festive topping - surely something to suit everyone's tastes. Unlike a box of Quality Street there will be no soft centres left at the end!


8) Chocolate Heaven Variety - Clearly variety is the spice of life! Our customers love this combination box of indulgent chocolate topped cheesecakes and fudge cakes. An added bonus is when this order is placed you receive a free mystery cake! (Offer subject to change)


7) Cookies & Cream Cheesecake 6" - They say the best things come in small packages.... that is definitely true with this creamy white chocolate cookie cheesecake. Still serves 8 generous portions.


6) Simply Red Velvet Cheesecake - A classic that is always a favourite with our customers. Lusicous red velvet sponge with a hint of cocoa sandwiched between vanilla cheesecake and topped with white chocolate curls - comes on our crunchy biscuit base.


5) Mini Cheesecake Selection - Midway for the minis! Need we say more...


4) Cookie Dough Collision - One for the more adventurous cheesecake connoiseurs - our creamy vanilla cheesecake with a generous slab of cookie dough in the middle - finished with delicious chewy chocolate chip cookie chunks, dark chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle. A perfect collision for the sweet toothed among you.


3) Beanut Putter Brownie Cheesecake - One of our newbie cheesecakes is still proving to be a great hit! For anyone who loves Peanut Butter or would like to know what peanut butter tastes like. Due to our secret formulation this cheesecake is peanut free and can safely be enjoyed by peanut allergy sufferers!


2) Double Vision - On offer at the moment, this box of mini cheesecake/cupcake treats really will double your pleasure. With any box purchased you will receive a free mystery cake! (Offer subject to change)


1) Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake (pictured above)- Smashing straight in at Number 1 spot is a cult favourite! We have supplied it to Prezzo for years but now our famous Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake is available to purchase on our website and clearly you are loving it!


Tune in at the end of December for our TOP 10 Christmas Countdown! Will the Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake hold onto the top spot or will it be knocked off by a more festive treat...?


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