27 Feb

Peanut Butter and... Cheesecake!

It went away for a couple of days because it was just so popular, but now it's back... http://goo.gl/yt1WQr

If you are a nutter for Peanut Butter, you will love our five high Beanut Putter Brownie Cheesecake. This decadent deliciousness is formed on our famous, crunchy digestive chocolate biscuit base, covered with a dense layer of classic chocolate brownie, smothered with a generous helping of smooth soy “Beanut Putter” butter, and of course we squeezed in a layer of our famous baked vanilla New York cheesecake, all topped and coated with milk chocolate fudge and a drizzle of rich, Argentinian Dulce de leche caramel toffee sauce.

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