26 Aug

Great British Bake Off: Cheesecake!

We loved this week's Great British Bake Off... for obvious reasons! From fruit to chocolate, biscuit to crumb, piping to drizzle and even sweet to savoury, all the contestant's cheesecake ideas were full of fun and flavour.

Our favourite cheesecake flavours? Mat's honeycomb, coconut & peanut butter cheesecakes, Flora's elderflower number and even Nadiya's lemonade pop concoction (yes, really!). Of course, we also loved Tamal's hazelnut cheesecake & Ugne's lime offering.

Sandy's whiskey cheesecake? Let's just say, not to our taste... and we've developed something very similar before. Doesn't work. She was a great character though and we were sad to see her go!

As you will see on our Twitter page, Mr. Ian-genuinity's rather, different, savoury & sweet combination of Apple, Rosemary and Tarragon cakes did not exactly excite our tastebuds initially... However, we love creativity and innovation here at ECC and they did look, and we've got to trust Paul & Mary on this one, and taste great. He's also a pretty consistent Star Baker with some incredible piping skills.

Taking all this into account, we have got one question: why can't there be a cheesecake round every week?!

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